Donated to Alive Hospice, Nashville in memory of Buddy Bornstein & Joyce Hanies


"Love Moments", a series of original oil paintings that speak to everyone who ever loved, by one of America's top romantic artists, Amy Bornstein. Whether a gift to yourself or for sharing with someone special, these original paintings can now be part of your daily life, no longer just a distant memory. Imagine reliving yesterday's "Love Moments" that still move your heart. Moments that remind us of that first encounter, that first embrace, that spark that kindled a deep love, that touch that still touches your soul, that beckoning glance that is still remembered, now captured on canvas. In today's hectic world, finally an artist that takes you back to relive a "Love Moment" - that special moment that you've never forgotten and never will.

"Art is a reaching out into the ugliness of the world for vagrant beauty and the imprisoning of in a tangible dream put on canvas." ... Jean Nathan



Harley-Davidson of Cool Springs Valentine's After Hours Party 6pm - 8:30pm. Amy Bornstein art on display as well as a Bachelor Charity Auction benefitting the Williamson County Animal Shelter.

Saddle Up Fund Raiser at Robert Lipmans Estate, Painting donated with prints available.

Painting donated to new Pre-Natal Wing of Baptist Hospital - Prints available! Painting hanging in Foyer of new wing at Baptist.

Amy Bornstein  • 615.582.0060  • Amy@LoveByAmy.com

Amy Bornstein