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I moved here from Evergreen, Colorado, where I was born, and where I enjoyed painting in the solitude of the mountains. Here in Nashville, Tennessee is where my roots are because I went to school at David Lipscomb University and this is where I reside. I love the South, I consider Nashville as home.


My passion is people; Art is to me, an expression of ‘being’ and opportunity and a challenge to seek and perhaps share an essence. It is an exchange that flows from my mind onto the canvas. It helps me share in celebration the personality and character of my soul.

 For me, Art is it’s own communication. Art for me is the greatest excuse in the world for me to study for the rest of my life!! I see no limits in mediums, only a few problems to solve with each. I prefer, oils and acrylics, that is where my talent/love lies.

People’s and Culture’s expressions are infinite, as well as Romance and Love, and all stimulate my desire to be a part of life! Art has enhanced my strength for survival renewed my curiosity -- and is a catalyst vehicle for my celebration! I enjoy celebrating and holding on to each phase of the moment and of life!

Art exploration and its gentile demand for participation, remains my driving force and my connection.

I believe in love. I believe it transforms, transports, and transcends. I believe it fine-tunes goodness, solidifies strength, ripens resolve, eradicates rage, alleviates stress, and elevates empathy and emotion! The incredible love that God has blessed my life with this past year is clearly seen transcending into my artwork. That passion of love flows from my mind onto the canvas and can easily be detected in my latest paintings. Share with me this incredible celebration!

... Amy Bornstein


"Art is a reaching out into the ugliness of the world for vagrant beauty and the imprisoning of in a tangible dream put on canvas." ... Jean Nathan



Harley-Davidson of Cool Springs Valentine's After Hours Party 6pm - 8:30pm. Amy Bornstein art on display as well as a Bachelor Charity Auction benefitting the Williamson County Animal Shelter.

Saddle Up Fund Raiser at Robert Lipmans Estate. Painting donated with prints available.

Painting donated to new Pre-Natal Wing of Baptist Hospital - Prints available! Painting hanging in Foyer of new wing at Baptist.

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